Fan Art No. 2 – When We Needed Saving

'Come on, folks!' fan art - March 2016

"Come on, folks!" fan art – March 2016
Copyright © The House of Googie (imperialgoogie) on Tumblr. All rights reserved.

While this piece of fan art does not represent a happy time in the history of KoHoSo Radio 66, it is too good to not put up for posterity in addition to being a reminder of how the station got to where it is today.

Our super fan Jordan of The House of Googie and the ParAvion2000 Twitch channel is an absolute master at taking an old magazine advertisement and redoing the text in a manner where one doesn’t realize it has been changed until it starts being read. He really gave his best here in an attempt to keep KoHoSo Radio 66 running at its original host.

In retrospect, we now know this was a fool’s errand for both Jordan and me. Our previous host turned out to be terrible on every possible front, most notably for never giving station owners any credit for the massive amounts of downtime caused by the host’s own errors that came during the lead-up to the "evaluation" KoHoSo Radio 66 had to pass in order to remain online.

Thankfully, under our new setup with Live365 providing the stream and actually paying the music licensing fees to the proper organizations (something our previous host stopped doing without telling any of the station owners), having to beg for listeners will never happen again.


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