From the Garage

As we are now well past the holiday season, I thought it was also well past time to get to the subject of Cruisin’ with KoHoSo. I have one item from the past and one for the future.

As for the ghost of Christmas past, I still cannot apologize enough for the absolute disaster that happened during the Friday run of Christmas Cruisin’ with KoHoSo. I can’t come up with enough words to describe how terrible I felt to have hyped the show so much, had so many people tuned in to listen, and to then be so helpless as the various parts of the show ran over one another until I had no choice but to stop the stream and reboot the software.

After digging through everything — and to make a long, technical story short — I finally found the problem. While trying to make every piece of the show run tight with no delays, I ran afoul of an obscure setting in the software that runs the station. As that setting conflicted with when I wanted to trigger the playing of each track…well, those of you that heard it know what happened.

Now, on to the future.

As I said on this blog right after Thanksgiving, I found that doing Cruisin’ with KoHoSo every week was taking up so much of my free time that none was ever left over for me to improve the station overall. That is why I put the program on a one-month hiatus and then skipped the promised New Year’s show.

During the shows I did, I often referred to us riding together in the "KoHoSo Cruiser" and then putting her back in the garage until the next week. What I have decided is that she needs to stay in the garage much more often and be brought out only for special occasions.

Maybe some day I will again have time to do the program every week without neglecting the station as a whole. Unfortunately, that time has not yet come.

As for when the Cruisin’ with KoHoSo specials will run, they will always be announced on this blog as well as on the Cruisin’ page. In addition, they will also be put up on the station’s Mastodon and Facebook feeds.

As for what’s coming now that Cruisin’ with KoHoSo is no longer a weekly obligation…

I am still working with our new partner that is going to provide and maintain the KoHoSo Radio 66 Android and Apple iOS apps. These should be available in beta form very soon. The test accounts for these look very sleek and easy to use. I think those of you that listen to the station on a mobile device will really like them especially since they will be ad-free.

Those listening to us on our private Roku channel might notice some occasional changes in the graphics. That is me preparing the final version of the channel before taking it public. The main thing to address is getting rid of the blank, white screen that appears between the initial one and the one after where you actually start the stream.

One final note for Facebook users…

Facebook has announced changes in how it is going to decide what to show in your stream. In short, it is going to try to increase posts from individuals on which you are likely to comment and decrease posts from pages such as KoHoSo Radio 66. While I generally applaud Facebook for trying to get back to more of a community feel and push back against all the political garbage it has allowed over the past few years, this will also lessen even further the exposure KoHoSo Radio 66 receives on that platform. In order to keep the station from pretty much disappearing in everybody’s timelines, be sure to not only share a post once in a while but try to leave comments as often as possible, too. I hate begging for social media attention but, if you like seeing the station’s posts on Facebook, it appears it will be the only way to continue to see them without having to remember to come to our page all the time.


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