It’s Re:Sounding! SOCAN We!

I am extremely pleased to announce that the main Live365 players streaming KoHoSo Radio 66 are now available to our listeners in Canada! Canadians will also soon be able to download and use the Live365 app for Android, Apple iOS, and all other devices for which it will be offered in the future (this should happen upon the next update of each app).

There will be one immediate benefit of this news plus one to come later. For now, being able to use one of the KoHoSo Radio 66 streams coming directly from Live365 means Canadians can now join the U.S.A. in being able to see the "now playing" information that lists each song’s artist and title. Down the road, once I finally get this issue worked out with Live365, Canada and the United States will both be able to see the original cover art I find an attach to each song to help give you that full feeling of being in the mid-20th century.

Why is this just now happening? Because it has taken time for the resurrected Live365 — the stream host and music licensing agent for KoHoSo Radio 66 — to grow big enough again to be able to make a deal with Canada’s music licensing organizations, Re:Sound and SOCAN.

Why is this not happening yet if you live somewhere else? In addition to working out the money, there are tons of legal issues to tackle in order for such deals to be made. I assure you that Live365 wants all of its stations to offer the fullest listening experience everywhere possible. It will just take some time. Most likely, either Europe or Australia and New Zealand will be next. Until then, you always have the option of using the World-Wide Listeners links on the home page or one of the many other links on the Apps page.

There is one small drawback to this news. Now that Live365 is officially sanctioned in Canada, those that listen from there will now count against the amount of listening hours KoHoSo Radio 66 is allowed per month. With how the station shattered records last month that got it close to having to move into the next level of service with its accompanying higher monthly payment, this will certainly happen as I know the station has regular listeners in almost every Canadian province.

Does this mean I am going to begin running commercials or having pledge drives? Absolutely not! However, it does mean I will likely have to postpone a couple of planned goodies for a while. This includes becoming an Alexa "Skill" and printing our first batch of stickers.

I know some of you have been looking forward to being able to tell Alexa, "play KoHoSo Radio 66" or to finally have a little piece of station swag. Those things will still come in time. It’s just that, with money for all of those things not really available to me right now, I feel it is most important that what I do have keeps this crazy thing online and doesn’t force me to start doing annoying things other stations do such as making you restart the stream more often to be certain you’re actually listening (the current limit is eight hours). I hope those of you wanting some other features will understand my decision and be patient for those other things to come.

I have other updates but I’ll save those for the next blog post. Until then, I hope everybody in Canada will enjoy being "official" with KoHoSo Radio 66 and all the other great stations in the Live365 family.


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