Packin’ ‘Em In

As the last monthly billing cycle for KoHoSo Radio 66 just concluded, I sit here pretty amazed.

It was just two years ago that the station was thrown offline by its previous host with what seemed like no hope of ever coming back.

One year ago, it did return but sounding pretty bland with no mixing or jingles.

Today, I look at the statistics over the past 30 days and almost cannot believe my eyes.

KoHoSo Radio 66 absolutely obliterated its previous records for the most listeners in a month and average time each person spent listening. Perhaps most striking to me is, over the past month, at least one person in 39 different countries spent at least one uninterrupted hour listening to the station.

Does that make KoHoSo Radio 66 the number one oldies station on the internet? Ha ha…no. Not even close.

That’s OK, though. Being number one is not the goal. The idea is to entertain those that want more out of an oldies station than just repeating the American Graffiti soundtrack over and over again…or, as my good friend and instigator to get KoHoSo Radio 66 started, imperialgoogie, once put it, not being another oldies station that promises Elvis but gives you Electric Light Orchestra instead (not that I hate ELO by any means but they’re classic rock, not oldies).

I must admit it is very satisfying to know my vision of what an oldies station can be is attracting such a wide amount of listeners. Having many of them stay for multiple hours is more than I ever dreamed.

The growing crowd of listeners does bring KoHoSo Radio 66 close to the point when I will soon have to move up to the next level of service offered by our streaming host and music licensing holder, Live365. This will cost me more money especially at the commercial-free level.

How will I pay for it? With a smile on my face and nothing but joy in my heart. For me, to make so many people happy with all this great music and be a sanctuary from the constant bombardment of advertising that invades almost every other aspect of our lives these days is worth every penny to me.

Very quickly on general updates…and it can be quick as my real-life job has continued to keep me busy and exhausted. I haven’t announced any of it but there is new music that has been added. The stickler of late has been finding time and motivation to freshen up some of the ID’s and jingles. I am now looking at it being sometime after Memorial Day when I can begin working on some of these extras that I add to the station.

One thing I have been working at sort of on the side is grabbing and organizing some items for a feature many of you have been waiting to return for a long time. Oddly enough as a station that prides itself on being commercial-free, I am still receiving requests to bring back old radio ads. Not only do I think I finally have some good ideas on how to mix them into the station but also enough of them so they are not too repetitive. I also want any I play to be absolutely genuine radio commercials. If you pay close attention to some other oldies stations that drop in old ads, they are usually just the audio from old television commercials that the station got off YouTube. Most of the old radio ads were on records that were thrown away or cartridge tapes that were erased. This makes finding genuine ones quite difficult. Yes, there are many on old "aircheck" tapes but the sound quality is not up to my standards (they don’t have to be perfect but most airchecks from the 1950’s and 1960’s sound pretty bad).

Anyway…as those of us north of the equator head toward summer while those south march into winter, keep an ear out for a few new things besides more music…and that includes a brand new Cruisin’ with KoHoSo.

Stay tuned!


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