Stream Killed But I’m Not Done Yet

As you all likely know by now, KoHoSo Radio 66 is not streaming. I’m am extremely sorry to inform you that it will not be coming back.

To make a long story short, Live365 cut my account off immediately instead of allowing me to complete my billing term as it promised. Whether this was a glitch in its system or intentional, it refused to answer my emails proving I was promised it would allow my stream to continue until August 18th.

What I hope to do is complete a little something special over this weekend and then post it on this Monday, August 8th which would have been the seventh anniversary of KoHoSo Radio 66 first going online. I will post it there so it can remain up as I will soon be emptying this website.

I will make a post here with the link when this is ready. I’m not sure if I will have anything else but, unlike Live365, I’ll be sure to tell you when this website will go dormant.



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