Sweet ‘Tenderized’ Tunes

KoHoSo Radio 66 fan art by Daniel Wrona

KoHoSo Radio 66 fan art
Copyright © the FPDA (File Photo Digital Archive) on Flickr. All rights reserved.

From March 2016 during the original period KoHoSo Radio 66 was online, this is another wonderful piece of work from the late Daniel Wrona (a.k.a. klappersacks). He is still very much missed.

For those that don’t follow the station’s Twitter or Facebook feeds (both linked at the bottom of every page in this website), after a painfully slow summer as far as getting work done on other aspects of KoHoSo Radio 66 besides adding more music, there is a flurry of activity happening right now. Many of you might notice I finally fixed the custom fonts for the site plus updated the FAQ. Getting a public channel on Roku is finally in progress. There is a large batch of new jingles and ID’s in production. I might even be close to having those stickers printed and, perhaps even more shocking, getting ready for a new Cruisin’ with KoHoSo. It’s an exciting time and I hope you are looking forward to it as much as I am.


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