The Mastodon In the Room

As you have probably heard about at least a little bit, changes are coming to Twitter with some already being made. While KoHoSo Radio 66 won’t comment on most of these issues, there is something changing there that will affect the station directly.

Twitter has begun implementing something similar to Facebook in that you will no longer be able to look at an account’s page without being bothered to have a Twitter account to see the whole thing. In fact, Twitter’s version will be worse than Facebook’s as you will not be able to simply dismiss the "nag screen" and continue reading the page.

The new “login required” block screen at Twitter. This is just a visual example, not an endorsement of any content.
Screenshot: KillaGator on CounterSocial

Notice in the screenshot that there is no way to "X" the nag screen or otherwise dismiss it. You either log in, sign up, or leave.

While the station itself will not take a stand on Twitter’s ownership, who it will or will not allow on its service, or anything else of that sort, and despite the fact it was our full intention to remain active on that platform, we will take a stand on it forcing people to have an account and give up personal information via all its cookies and other tracking methods, especially when there is another option.

Therefore, effective immediately, KoHoSo Radio 66 will be moving its Twitter activity to a similar platform called Mastodon. Even if you don’t have a Mastodon account, you can access this page through your web browser with no hassles or trackers.

Our Mastodon is already linked at the bottom of every page here on the KoHoSo Radio 66 website. However, you might consider bookmarking it especially in case the information I need to give out might involve downtime of this site.

This weekend, I will produce a new promo announcement for our Mastodon account to replace the old Twitter one. Yeah, I’ll miss the "choipin’ of the happy little boids" as I though it turned out well and has been running since at least 2016. However, when a platform doesn’t allow me to communicate to anybody regardless of whether they have an account, what must be done will be done.

Of course, that is Twitter’s choice to request something back for hosting and serving content. Then again, it is my choice as to whether or not to use that platform and, by doing so, give my endorsement for that trade-off. With a tracking-free Mastodon page just a click away that is open for any of you to see and easily read even if you have no clue what Mastodon is, I no longer see the need to ask any of you to use Twitter now that viewing it will require an account.

News of a much more fun nature is coming very soon. Stay tuned!

Keep on cruisin’!



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