There’s an App for That!

I am extremely pleased to announce KoHoSo Radio 66 now has its own free mobile device apps! Whether your phone or tablet runs on Android or Apple iOS (or even Amazon Fire if you install the Google Play Store), you now have a direct way to listen to the station that’s simple, sleek, easy, and has no ads! (more on that below)

KoHoSo Radio 66 Android App

The KoHoSo Radio 66 Android App
Screen capture by KoHoSo from his LG V10

As with any app, you can simply go to your app store and search "kohoso." Google Play will list it right away. For Apple iOS users, you will need to scroll down through a few entries before it will appear.

Both apps can also be installed if you are logged into your account via a web browser. The links to the app at both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store are now under the World-Wide Listeners column at the top of this website’s home page.

To be certain listeners have full control of the app at all times, the stream must be started manually. This assures the music does not start until you are ready for it. Just tap the round play button at the bottom of the screen — the black circle with the arrow in it — to begin the stream. If you need to stop the stream for a while but do not want to exit the app, just tap the button again — now showing a square in the black circle — so the music will cease.

Regarding these being ad-free apps, you will still see a notice before installing that the app contains ads. The reason for this is the company providing and maintaining our apps,, offers the option of including ads and/or linking to Amazon. As with everything else I directly control regarding KoHoSo Radio 66, I have chosen to not use these apps for any monetary gain. The thing is, since offers those options, Google and Apple have no way to know if I might decide to turn them on in the future. That’s why they warn you. It’s wise on their part because plenty of ne’er-do-wells often try to pull the old switch-a-roo on people. Of course, y’all know I will never do that.

In a switch as it is usually me taking your requests, I ask that you contact me directly if you have any issues with the app instead of leaving a poor review with Google or Apple before I have a fair amount of time to ask to address your problem. Leaving a bad review without allowing me an opportunity to have something fixed could jeopardize allowing us to have an app and, frankly, is just plain not cool. As you well know, only the coolest of the cool listen to KoHoSo Radio 66 so, just give me the word if something is wrong so we can all keep it that way. 8^)


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